Moritz Frischkorn



Do you know Jakob Klenke? The choreographer, artist and visionary? - Don't you know him? But we think you should. Jakob Klenke was born in Schladen in the eastern part of Germany - the town where my grandparents grew up as well - on December 15 in 1874. In the course of his life and work his path intersects with many important actors of dance history and he develops an idiosyncratic practice that is well ahead of his time.

»Jakob K.« is an artistic-historical experiment:
With help of the Klenke-technique, the ‚Manifesto on the Dancing Human’ and his legendary choreography ‚Le système‘ (1902), we aim at reinventing our own artistic practice. On stage, past and present are competing. The choreographer is not the dancer. The performer is not the author. But it might very well be possible.

By: Heike Bröckerhoff, Moritz Frischkorn, Jonas Woltemate
In Collaboration with DanceKiosk, Hamburg und Work Space Brussels.

Premiered on October 24, 2014 at Sprechwerk, Hamburg.
Video: Barbara Geisler
JAKOB K. (2014)